Research Group

Prof Mike Turner: New conjugated organic materials of electronic and electro-optical devices, sol-gel chemistry, polymer synthesis, auxetic materials and device fabrication at the nanoscale (group leader).

Current research staff

Lab scale reactor
Lab scale reactor

Dr Venukrishnan Komanduri: Marie Curie Fellow in project CyClAr.

Dr Aiman Rahmanudin: Development of printed OFET sensors in project Plastic ARMPIT.

Dr Sankara Gollu: fabrication of organic field-effect-transistor arrays on large area substrates for industrial scale up as well as various sensing applications in support of the work of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large Area Electronics (CIMLAE).

Dr Marion Wrackmeyer: Novel optical materials (KTP Associate with Datalase).

Dr Emma Poole: Research Associate in Polymer Nanoparticles.

Current research students

Vanessa Tischler: Development of printed OFETs for use in neuromorphic circuits.

Sebastian Broll: New routes to conjugated polymer nanoparticles.

Usman Khan: Development of OFET based biosensors for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Yurachat Janpatompong: Synthesis and Characterisation of Linear and Cylic Poly(p-arylenevinylene)s by Ring Opening Methathesis Polymerization.

Panagiotis Mougkogiannis: Development of OFET based sensors.

Current MChem and MSc students

Christopher Bradshaw

Hector Fraser

Wan-Li Hsiao

Past research staff and students

Jaruphat Wongpanich: Preparation and application of functionalised conjugated polymer nanoparticles in bioimaging.

Raymundo Marcial Hernandez: Preparation and application of conjugated polymer nanoparticles in organic electronic devices.

Pakwan Ou-Udomying

Suphaluk Aphichatpanichakul

Siti Binti Ahmad Zamhuri

Dr Suresh Garlapati: Development of printed OFET sensors as part of the EPSRCs Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large Area Electronics (CIMLAE).

Dr Sheida Faraji: Development of OFET sensors for project GraphClean.

Nicholas Bull

Michael Chan

Atsuo Utagawa

Amadou Doumbia: Development of OFET based biosensors for the diagnosis of diseases such as Breast Cancer, Diabetes, and Stroke Diseases.

Glenn Sunley Saez: Development of OFET based biosensors.

Wentao Zou: Use of graphene based electrodes in organic electronic devices.

James Crossland

Jair Esquivel Guzman: Emulsion polymerised nanoparticles in the fabrication of photovoltaic devices.

Daniel Crossley: Direct C-H activated Borylation for the synthesis of fused and ladder type conjugated oligomers and polymers.

Josue Ayuso Carrillo: New synthetic routes to conjugated polymers, such as polythiophenes.

Shakharan Al-Zangana: Effect of functional nano- and micron sized particles and clusters on the properties of liquid crystals.

Dharam Raj Kumar: Poly(p-phenylenevinylene) Containing Block Co-polymers.

Archit Mehra

Osian Ryder

Dr Barada Dash: Marie Curie Fellow in OMIC.  Worked on conjugated materials for OFET, OLED and OPV applications.

Dr Daniel Tate: development of printed OFET sensors as part of the EPSRCs Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large Area Electronics (CIMLAE).

Dr Andrew Foster: Project Scientist for the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC). Examined the synthesis, characterization and theory of conjugated polymer nanoparticles in emulsion systems, formation of anisotropic nanoparticles, use of novel monomers in Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling polymerizations and functionalized polymeric systems for antimicrobial applications.

Dr Benjamin Lidster: Developed the synthesis and characterisation of novel cyclic conjugated polymers, in particular cyclic poly(phenylene vinylene)s.

Dr Ehsan Danesh: Worked on inkjet printing of functional materials, (bio)chemical sensors, conducting polymers and nanocomposites.

Dr Jonathan Behrendt: Project Scientist for the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC), worked on many industrially relevant chemistry problems.

Dr Dolores Caras-Quintero: Developed new organic materials for electronics.

Abdel Chakiri: Investigated novel materials for use in the hydrogen peroxide production process.

Dr Ming-Tsz Chen: Devloped novel approaches to graphene nanoribbons.

Nicolas Cocherel: Examined the synthesis of ladder and semi-ladder polymers based on indolocarbazole.

Dr Debasmita Das: Developed sensors based on organic field effect transistors.

Mike Fearn: Preparation and Properties of p-n Molecular Junctions.

Dr Pompi Hazarika: Robust, affordable photonic crystal sensors for point-of-care disease diagnostics.

Joshua Healy: Platinum-free oxygen reduction catalysts for use in a hydrogen fuel cell.

Dr Masaki Horie: Hybrid solar cells using conjugated polymers and inorganic quantum dots.

Ian Ingram: synthesis of high performance polymer semiconductors and doping agents tailored towards the fabrication of in-plane-gate field-effect transistors (IPG-FETs).

S. K. Abbas Kazmi: The use of alkylalkoxysilanes and alkoxysilanes as binders in the paint industry.

Dr Jeff Kettle: Project Scientist for the Organic Materials Innovation Centre, organic and inorganic semiconductor device fabrication, characterisation and modelling.

Kexin Lu: Liquid crystalline organic semiconductors for OFETs.

Jonathan Maunoury: Processing and testing new organic semiconductors in electronic devices such as organic field effect transistors (OFETs).

Dr Mark C. McCairn: High-throughput parallel synthesis and screening.

Dr John J. Morrison: Polyarylamines (PAAs) for use in functional OFETs.

Adam Parry: Fabrication and optimization of novel transistors based on the self assembly of organic semiconducting monolayers.

I-Wen Shen: Synthesis of semiconducting polyarylamines by microwave assisted chemistry.

Sebastian Sprick: New catalytic Systems for the Synthesis of Novel Triarylamine Polymers Containing Fused Heterocyclic Rings.

Andy Spring: Synthesis of poly(phenylenevinylenes) (PPVs) via microwave assisted ring opening metathesis polymerisation.

Ian Teasdale: Prepared novel PEEK rings and chains.

Barbara Urasinska-Wocjik: Project Scientist for the Organic Materials Innovation Centre, Fabrication and characterisation a range of organic semiconductor devices (mainly OPVs and OFETs).

Helen Wright: Fused ring conjugated polymers and small molecules for organic-semiconductors.

Chin Yang Yu: Synthesis, characterization and application of linear and cyclic conjugated polymers. The development of donor and acceptor block copolymers for organic solar.

Andrew Eberhardt: Metal-free couplings for sustainable materials synthesis. cell applications.

Thomas Smith: Synthesis and analysis of new non-platinum catalysts for use in the state-of-the-art ‘FlowCath’ Fuel Cells.

Michael Tomsett: Worked on the use of helical polymers in the long range transmission of stereochemical information.

Ying-Yeh Chu: Conjugated polymer nanoparticle for used in solar cells.