Emma Poole

Dr Emma Poole is a Research Associate in Polymer Nanoparticles at the Organic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC) in the University of Manchester.

Emma first started studying chemistry at the University of Hull where she obtained a first class degree in chemistry (MChem) in 2015. She has recently just completed her PhD at the University of Leeds in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Dejian Zhou. The research involved modifying different Nanoparticle scaffolds (QDs and AuNPs) with a range of sugar ligands to investigate further the binding mechanisms of the sugar lectin interactions, specifically the proteins DC-SIGN and DC-SIGNR. Upon completion of her PhD Emma has joined the group of Prof. Mike Turner at the University of Manchester (May 2019). Her work with the OMIC group focusses on conjugating antibodies to polymer nanoparticles, working closely with collaborators at Chromition and colleagues in the School of Medicine, in which these conjugates are used for imaging specific antigens within tissue samples targeted to early cancer detection.