Kexin Lu

Research Interests:

Kexin Lu

My current research interests are in the areas of liquid crystalline organic semiconductors for OFETs. General research emphasis has been on the synthesis, characterisation and application of conjugated liquid-crystalline molecules for use as the charge transporting layers in SAMFETs, which are expected to exhibit a bulk-like carrier mobility, large current modulation as well as high reproducibility. In addition, my research also covers the preparation and characterisation of graphene. It can be produced by non-chemical, solution-phase exfoliation of graphite in organic solvents. Graphene-based FET is also highly anticipated to be fabricated.

Personal Biography:

I was brought up in a quiet and pleasant town of Jilin Province, China. Thanks to the civilizing influence of my parents, I always had an inkling that my future lay in science and technology. This ultimately resulted in the decision to pursue a career in Chemistry, which really started in Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003. I successfully obtained the polybutadiene featuring higher cis-1,4 content and narrower MWD based on a homogeneous Nd phosphate catalyst supervised by Prof. Weimin Dong. Upon completing this degree, I found however that I was still keen to learn new things, and pursue other dreams. To this aim, I moved to Beijing in 2005 and worked for Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., the largest TFT-LCD manufacturer in China. As a R&D electronic engineer, I was responsible for designing and developing unique wide viewing angle liquid crystal modes (AFFS) with higher transmittance and better image quality using new driving field and switching principle.

More recently, I just realized that the field of chemistry plus electronics has still been an unwavering companion and a source of intellectual interest. To continue my dream, I am currently undertaking my PhD with Prof. Turner in the field of organic electronics.


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