I-Wen Shen

Synthesis of semiconducting polyarylamines by microwave assisted chemistry.

I-Wen Shen

I am currently a first year PhD student supervised by Prof. M. L. Turner in Organic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC) at school of chemistry in the University of Manchester. My current research focuses on the synthesis of semiconducting polyarylamines by microwave assisted chemistry. These materials have high solubility, high mobility and good charge transport property, so that can be applied to many electrooptical devices.

Personal biography:

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and obtained my BSc degree in Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. During my undergraduate study I had joined a project about the demonstration of PEO based electrolyte system and supervised by Prof. Feng-Chih Chang. The result was published in Polymer 2002; 43: 5011-5016. Before I came to UK, I was employed as research assistant in Prof. Chen-Sheng Yeh’s cluster and nano-science Lab. in Department of Chemistry, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. After that I applied to do my postgraduate study in polymer materials science and engineering at Manchester Materials Science Centre, UMIST and received my MSc degree in Dec. 2005. Since Nov. 2005, I become a PhD student for continuing my study in the synthesis of polymer under the supervision of Prof. M. L. Turner in OMIC, school of chemistry, the University of Manchester.


Hsin-Wei Chen, Chun-Yi Chiu, Hew-Der Wu, I-Wen Shen, Feng-Chih Chang “Solid-state electrolyte nanocomposites based on poly(ethylene oxide), poly(oxypropylene) diamine, mineral clay and lithium perchlorate” Polymer 2002; 43: 5011-5016