Dr Ming-Tsz Chen

Dr Ming-Tsz Chen

Ming-Tsz Chen graduated in 2003 with a B.Sc. degree in Applied Chemistry from Providence University in Taiwan. He studied for a PhD with Professor Chi-Tien Chen from the National Chung Hsing, University in Taiwan. During his PhD he focused on the design, preparation and characterisation of novel metal complexes for application in various catalytic systems during his PhD. The main interests were:
Ring opening polymerization of cyclic esters,
Cross coupling reactions
Coordination chemistry

Ming also has a short fabrication experiences on DRAM manufacturing in ProMos Inc, Taiwan. Ming started his first postdoctoral role with Professor Chi-Tien Chen’s group in 2009 to synthesize of catalysts for ring-opening polymerization for cyclic esters. He then completed postdoctoral studies with Professor Oscar Navarro at University of Hawaii at Manoa. The focus was on the design and synthesis of novel NHC catalytic systems.

In February 2012, Ming took up his role as a research associate in the research group of Professor Michael Turner. He is a part of the Organic Materials Innovation Centre(OMIC) and is currently working on graphene.


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