Dr Masaki Horie

Dr Masaki Horie

Dr Masaki Horie was born in Japan in 1977. He studied for a Doctorate at Tokyo Institute of Technology working on organometallic supramolecules under the supervision of Professor Kotaro Osakada. Masaki was awarded his PhD in 2004 and moved to the Supramolecular Science Laboratory in RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) as a special postdoctoral researcher working on crystal optics of supramolecules. In May 2007, he moved to the UK and joined The University of Manchester as a research associate under the supervision of Professor Michael Turner at the Organic Materials Innovation Centre and Dr Brian R. Saunders at the Materials Science Centre. He is currently working on the hybrid solar cell project using conjugated polymers and inorganic quantum dots.


Masaki Horie, Yi Luo, John J. Morrison, Leszek A. Majewski, Aimin Song, Brian R. Saunders, Michael L. Turner “Triarylamine Polymers by Microwave Assisted Polycondensation for use in Organic Field Effect Transistors” J. Mater. Chem. 2008, 18, 5230-5236.


IUPAC Congress 2009, Glasgow, United Kingdom, August 2009. “Synthesis and properties of poly(cyclopentadithiophene)s for use in organic field effect transistors”

European Plymer Congress 2009 (EPF09), Graz, Austria, July 2009. “Synthesis and characterization of poly(triarylamine)s via microwave assisted polycondensation for organic field effect transistors”

Other Interests:

Masaki enjoys playing snooker, travelling, swimming and going to the gym.

In February 2010, Masaki moved to National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan.