Dr Jeffrey Kettle

I obtained a 1st class honours degree in Electronic engineering from Cardiff University in 2004, finishing with the highest mark in my year and specialising in semiconductor device fabrication. I worked for one year as a researcher at the Microelectronics research centre of Alcatel SEL AG in Stuttgart, Germany. After this, I completed a PhD in nano photonics and electronics in 2008, which was a joint collaboration between Cardiff and Swansea Universities. I then was employed as a Process engineer at Microbridge services ltd. in Cardiff, where I was responsible for liaising with customers requiring commercial manufacturing work and meeting their requirements. During this time, I also obtained an award at a major IEEE international conference. In 2008, I moved to the University of Manchester, where I have worked on developing organic semiconductor devices in the School of Electrical and Electronic engineering and with a spin-out venture from the University.

My expertise lies in key several areas. Firstly, I have several years experience in organic and inorganic semiconductor device fabrication, characterisation and modelling, both in industrial and academic environments. I’ve published over 20 articles in peer review journals and have given several presentations at major international conferences.

Selected publications

  • J. Kettle, A. Song, M.L. Turner et al.” Fabrication of planar organic nano-transistors using low temperature thermal nanoimprint lithography for chemical sensor applications,”
    Nanotechnology, in press, 2009
  • J. Kettle, R.M. Perks, R.T. Hoyle, “Fabrication of highly transparent self-switching diodes using single layer transparent conducting oxides,” Electronics Letters, Vol. 45, 1, 2009
  • J. Kettle, R.T.Hoyle, et al, “Overcoming the material limitations for replication of complex 3D structures using Step and Flash Imprint Lithography,” J. Vac. Sci B (2008)
  • J. Kettle, M.L. Turner et al, “Development of function material for Step and Flash Imprint Lithography,” Microelectronic Eng., Vol. 85, Issues 5-6, May-June 2008, Pages 853-855
  • J. Kettle, R. M. Perks, D. V. Morgan and A. Porch “Transparent current spreading layers: experimental and theoretical analysis of LED current spreading,” J. Appl. Phys, 100 (8), 2006