Abdel Chakiri

Abdel B. Chakiri

Abdel B. Chakiri was born in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands in 1985. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Utrecht University in 2007. Abdel then continued his Master’s study at Utrecht University and worked with Prof. L.W. Jenneskens and Dr. L. van het Goor on the synthesis of novel non-alternant Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. As part of his Master’s research he spent six months working in the OMIC on narrow-polydispersity block copolymers for photovoltaic applications. Abdel is now working towards a PhD under the supervision of Prof. P. Hodge and Prof. M.L. Turner in collaboration with Solvay, Brussels and his project involves researching novel materials for use in H2O2 production process. In his spare time he enjoys travelling and spending time with his family and friends.